513: All Arizona Government Officials Receive Subpoenas - Where's Your Oaths?

Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick

11-10-2023 • 42分

10/9/23: Michele Swinick joins Ohio Brett. All LegislaTURDS & AdministraTURDS took the wrong OATH so they have NO authority to be in their government positions. This applies to EVERYONE in office in America! It's also time to get serious and form a Citizen Grand Jury in Cochise County to EXPOSE the Election Fraud on Nov 8th & HOLD the demons accountable. + Update on the Unconstitutional Elections Court Case,  The ONLY Strategies To Take Back America, Constitution Refresher, Don't give ANY Candidates YOUR MONEY - They are ALL Liars, Grifters & Frauds! FRADULENT, CORRUPT & UNCONSTITUTIONAL Elections Have DESTROYED Our Country & Lives.  YOU CAN NOT BEAT THE ELECTION SYSTEM - Everything You've Done For The Past 3 Years Is A Losing Strategy & WILL NOT WORK. It's Time To Get Serious & Get On The Battlefield - Spiritual, Digital & Ground Game - America Is Being Run & Ruined By Demons & There's Not A Lot Of Time Left To Take Her Back. Are You Tired Of Being A Slave Yet? JOIN THE "SAVE MY FREEDOM" MOVEMENT TODAY & SUBSCRIBE!  REAL TAKE ACTION TOOLKITS We're Rounding Up The Warriors & Everyone Who Wants To Become ONE! The TAKE ACTION Army When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon he said "The Lord is with you mighty warrior" Judges 6:12 WE THE PEOPLE HOLD ALL THE CARDS, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT & THE REAL WHITE HATS Pray ● Plan ● Take Action ● Stand Up ● Speak Up ● Show Up & JOIN US! www.SaveMyFreedom.us THE NATIONWIDE CRUSADE TO BAN THE VOTING MACHINES - PLEASE JOIN US! www.AZSavesAmerica.us 1-CLICK EMAIL ALL 215 Arizona Officials (Takes Less Than 2 Min) HELP Us Hold Them Accountable! First AZ & Then America