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25-10-2022 • 41分

Episode number 200 of Enswell Boxing and it couldn't be any more special. Al is joined again by friend of the show - Irish heavyweight boxer Niall Kennedy.

Its no secret that boxing is the most uncompromising, unrelenting and sometimes unfulfilling crucibles of all.

Indeed, its no secret you need to be disciplined, dedicated and sometimes deranged to want to be knocked down, trodden on, kicked, cut and bruised. Beaten and battered to the point where every ounce of your being pleads, screams...'ENOUGH'.

And it's definitely no secret how dark the boxing world can be, with a cast of characters and bad actors lurking in the shadows willing, waiting and wanting to feed off boxers given half the chance.

What may come as a surprise to some, is that amongst all of that you will find some oof the most genuine, honest, kind-hearted and REAL: people - of which no 2 are the same.

Most will mask and hide all of those qualities to play the role of the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Its what they have to do to survive.

And meet Niall Kennedy!

Have a listen as Niall's coach Pascal Collins and stablemates Spike O'Sullivan, Stephen Ormoind and Ray Moylette regale fond memories from the big man's career that saw him win an Irish Title, Massachusetts Title & New England Titl and in 2020 the WBC Hero of The World award for frontline services throughout the pandemic. We're also joined on this episode by former opponent Allen 'The Savage' Babic AND Niall's former teacher Grainne Mulcahy.

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