Podcast Update & Best of Irish Luck and Love for Katie Taylor

Enswell Boxing Podcast

30-04-2022 • 2分

It's rare that boxing can make the back pages of reputable news papers around the world, its even more rare when it stretches across the front AND back pages multiple days in a row. Sadly, on this occasion it hasn't been for the reasons the great sport of boxing wants or deserves.

This podcast has purposely and intentionally maintained radio silence over this time to allow the dust to settle and indeed to spend time researching to find out the who, what and wherefor's in this whole debacle. Believe it when I say - the tentacles of this story will stretch into areas and places that go WAY WAY beyond boxers and boxing and will open many eyes if not shock.

For now, I wanted to take a moment to ensure all the loyal and good people who have followed my boxing podcast journey that I will be back with full length and detailed episodes in the coming days where we will review the recent fights and no doubt celebrate the one true bastion of Irish boxing that is left standing tall - Katie Taylor.

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🥊 And no matter what happens - wherever you arte, NEVER forget: "ALL's WELL THAT ENSWELL..."

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