Episode 714 - What's News November/December 2023

All About the Mouse Disney Fan Podcast

17-01-2024 • 2時間 28分

This week's show is, sadly, the final show of All About the Mouse. We have a nice long show in store for you, though! Paul Barrie from Window to the Magic is joining us again to recap the news items that occurred throughout the Disney company during November and December 2023. Together, we'll recap sad events like the passing of Dick Nunis and exciting news announcements, like the return of Fantasmic! at Disneyland. We'll also talk about World Celebration opening at Epcot, the materialization of the Hat Box Ghost at the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World, and a whole lot more! To cap off our final show, Paul will read some messages emailed in by you, the listeners, remembering all of the fun and excitement we've had here at All About the Mouse over the last 16 years!