The Roles of Faith and Religion in Raising Kids

Raising Today's Kids

13-09-2022 • 48分

If you are a regular listener, you know that I value science and spirituality in my episodes. And they both play a significant role in my parenting. I love learning about and sharing scientific research that can help us guide our children toward the best outcomes, and I love nurturing my children toward that spiritual wholeness that cannot be quantified, and joining you as you do the same for yours. Unfortunately, we live in a secular time when faith and religion are often forced to take a back seat to science, leaving a gaping hole that cannot be filled in any other way. That's why I invited Jared Halverson (religious scholar and creator/host of the podcast, Unshaken Saints), to talk about the important role of spirituality and religious practice in raising today's kids and what we can do to nurture both.