Charlie Craggs x Kenny Ethan Jones | REALNESS | Anthems Talks


17-11-2023 • 33分

What makes you come home and feel safe, lean into that, and stay away from things that tend to hurt you, or discourage you, or make you feel less than, or less deserving.” – Kenny Ethan Jones We invited two best friends to sit in front of some cameras and have a chat. The result? A conversation full of laughter, joy, unreserved honesty and heartfelt reflection. From contemplating gender euphoria, to frank discussions about transphobia, and…gay dolphins. In this final episode of Anthems Talks, Kenny Ethan Jones and Charlie Craggs talk about what it means to live your best authentic life, and how the people around you play an important role in this. Kenny and Charlie’s word of the day is REALNESS. Watch along with this episode here  About our contributors: Charlie Craggs is an award-winning trans activist, author and actress dubbed ‘the voice of a community’ by Vogue, best known for her national campaign Nail Transphobia, her LAMBDA nominated book To My Trans Sisters and her groundbreaking BBC documentary Transitioning Teens. Kenny Ethan Jones is a writer, advocate and public speaker. He’s best known for making history by being the first trans man to front a period campaign. His advocacy is focused on all things trans but he focuses on; menstruation, body politics, mental health and intimacy. He engages in open and respectful conversations about all things trans in hopes of tackling misinformation and creating allies. His work has been spotlighted in the likes of Vogue, NBC news and more. You can find our list of resources here #AnthemsTalks is a collection of intimate conversations between pairs of trailblazers, activists and creatives in honour of Transgender Awareness Week. It was Executive Produced by Bea Duncan, with Production from Talia Augustidis and Lucy Carr, video production from Thunder Video, video editing by Eleanore Bamber and Sound Engineering by Ben Williams. The artwork is by Eleanore Bamber and Mars West. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit