Tracey Ottomey | JOY


07-07-2023 • 10分

Tracey Ottomey is a Nashville native who is quickly becoming a Nashville staple in the drag scene. She initially began performing as a dare but soon found her calling in drag. She hosts a popular podcast called "Gay Space" and is a regular performer on the Big Drag Bus, as well as at Tribe and Play. When not performing, Tracy enjoys spending time with her dogs Bear and Waylon. Tracey’s word of the day is JOY. CONNECT WITH TRACEY: I: @traceyottomey T: @TraceyOttomey #AnthemsPride 2023 is a collection of 7 original manifestos, speeches, stories, poems and rallying cries written and voiced by exceptional LGBTQIA+ contributors and allies. It was Executive Produced and Sound Designed by Bea Duncan, with producer Talia Augustidis. The production assistants were Lucy Carr and Cassandre Greenberg. The artwork is by Mars West and Eleanore Bamber. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit