Into A Local Face Mask Fight That Went Viral

Into San Diego

10-07-2020 • 15分

A San Diego Starbucks barista had his world turned upside down when he was at the center of a viral Facebook post that captured the nation and users online across the globe. In the post, the local barista refused service to a woman who wasn’t wearing a mask. The woman shared a photo of him online, trying to shame him for doing his job, but the plan backfired when thousands of strangers came to the barista’s defense. In this week’s episode of Into San Diego, we’re going into that viral phenomenon and hearing directly from that barista, Lenin Gutierrez. Hear why he thinks he garnered the support of millions of people online and the exact moment his life changed from the generosity of people he never met. Lenin’s full story hasn’t been told, until now.

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