Coming Soon: Into STOLEN

Into San Diego

13-08-2020 • 2分

Our goal for Into San Diego was to create a series highlighting some of San Diego’s most under-reported stories. And in the next week, we’ll be doing just that with a new mini-series that our NBC 7 team has been working on for more than a year. It’s called STOLEN.

The documentary series lays out a year-long investigation into the sex trafficking and exploitation of children in San Diego County and across the U.S. STOLEN is told from the perspective of survivors, advocates -- even traffickers and sex buyers. The series celebrates the strength of survivors and their families, as they struggle to break the bonds of sex trafficking. And with kids going back to school online, experts say they are at risk now more than ever before.

You can watch the documentary series here on August 20. Afterwards, come back to this podcast feed. Here, we’ll have companion episodes that go behind the scenes of each episode of STOLEN, including conversations with some of the experts and survivors featured in the series.

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