#04 All The Things I Wish I Knew About Trying

Bumps Along the Way

30-05-2023 • 45分

It's no secret I went into trying for a baby pretty naively. I didn't do a lot of research, I didn't have any conversations, and I definitely made a lot of assumptions.

In this episode, I wanted to ask all the questions I WISH I had asked two years ago when the idea to start trying popped into our minds and hearts. So I paired up with perinatal women's health GP, Dr Sarah Farrell, to help me bring things back to basics.

Sarah and I talk ALL THINGS trying to conceive, including:

  • The stats around fertility and infertility
  • What is a regular menstrual cycle?
  • How worried should someone with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) be about falling pregnant?
  • How long is the ovulation window, really?
  • How do I know if I am ovulating?
  • Are cycle tracking apps reliable indicators of ovulation?
  • What can I do, versus not do, during the dreaded two-week wait!?

Sarah also offers insight into her personal journey, including being diagnosed with PCOS, having 5 pregnancies in 5 years, and complicated childbirth. She shares how all of these bumps in the road helped her become a better women's health doctor.

Finally, I give you a snapshot into the last couple of weeks for me, and where I'm at in this loop of hope and heartbreak.



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