#10 Miscarriage: The Medical & Mental Health Impact

Bumps Along the Way

11-07-2023 • 43分

Miscarriage. You know how common it is, you know the risks, and yet you still don’t really think it will happen to you. At least I didn’t. And although we go through a similar experience, miscarriage can mean something immensely different to everyone. That is why I felt it was important to do this episode.

6 months on since our miscarriage, I definitely didn't think we would still be here, with no positive pregnancy test half a year later. But I now feel like enough time has passed for me to revisit it and talk about it openly.

To help me navigate this conversation, I invited back two of the most supportive women I had the luck of speaking with during my own miscarriage.

  • Dr Sarah Farrell - a GP with a special interest in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and contraception and mother of 3.
  • Robine Padberg-Hill - a psychotherapist specialising with women in perinatal and mother.

During this special episode, we discuss:

  • My personal experience with miscarriage, and how it played out.
  • Pregnant is pregnant! No matter how early on your miscarriage was, you have the right to grieve that loss.
  • The mismatch between the experience we are going through and the response we may get from our healthcare provider.
  • The different types of miscarriage - primarily spontaneous complete, threatened (incomplete) miscarriage, missed miscarriage.
  • The various emotional reactions people may go through depending on how their miscarriage plays out.
  • Reasons for miscarriage (spoiler alert: there probably was no reason!)
  • Why we are saying no to the “12 week rule" !!
  • Ways to manage miscarriage - expectant management (watch and wait), medical management, surgical intervention (D&C).
  • What happens post miscarriage?
  • The stages of grief - shock, denial, bargaining, anger, depression, acceptance, and hope.
  • The importance of community, sharing and talking about our experiences.
  • Ways we can learn to talk about miscarriage.
  • How you can support a friend or family member who suffering a miscarriage.
  • How couples can help each other through miscarriage.
  • Normalising that the grieving process can be different between partners.
  • Resources to find support.

As always, I hope this episode falls into the ears of anyone who needs it.




  • Pink Elephant - miscarriage and early pregnancy loss support - https://www.pinkelephants.org.au/
  • Sands Australia - miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn death support - https://www.sands.org.au/
  • PSI - https://www.postpartum.net/
  • How do you help grieving friend - YouTube video
  • Darling Shine Podcast
  • Hilary Metcalfe's Guide to Navigating Miscarriage - https://thesabi.co/blogs/conscious-collective/guide-to-navigating-miscarriage


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