#05 Becoming a Single Mum by Choice

Bumps Along the Way

07-06-2023 • 40分

Sometimes the "bump" in the road to pregnancy and parenthood is not what we assume it is.

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with fertility at all.

What would you do, if during your late 20's your long-term relationship ended and your dream of becoming a Mother suddenly feels very far away?

What happens when, while you're building an incredible life for yourself, the dream of being a Mother doesn't leave you?

How long do you give yourself before taking a leap of faith and making the brave decision to become a single Mum?

And, once that decision is made, how do you become a single Mom? What are the steps involved?

This is exactly what my inspirational former colleague Astrid Beekhuis went through when she reached the age of 35 and said out loud for the first time, "I want to become a single Mom."

In this episode of Bumps Along the Way, Astrid, an HR professional from the Netherlands, shares her inspiring story to become a single Mom by choice. We discuss how she weighed up and eventually made the decision, who she went to for support and community, the process itself, and how life as a single Mom has been for her.

I am blown away by Astrid's bravery, honesty, and vulnerability and am so grateful she trusted me to share her story.



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