#06 The Fertility Formula: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Stress & Environment

Bumps Along the Way

13-06-2023 • 46分

"Eat a balanced diet."

"Eat the rainbow."

"Eat healthy."

When it comes to eating for fertility and pregnancy, there is so much vague, conflicting and outdated advice out there. Plant based vs meat based. Yes or no to intermittent fasting? Do I really have to give up my beloved coffee!?

When I did fall pregnant back in January, I set out to uncover what specifically a healthy and balanced diet means via research that is science-based and modern. And that's how I came across Brooke Boskovich.

Brooke became passionate about women's health and fertility after her own struggles with irregular cycles, autoimmune diseases, gut troubles and fertility.Brooke is a Registered Dietitian and functional & integrative practitioner. Founder of the Fertility Blueprint Program, she specialises in helping couples optimise their fertility and take home healthy babies.

During this conversation, Brooke explains the pillars that form the foundation of fertility: nutrition, movement, stress, sleep and environment.

We also discuss:

  • Common household products that can be harmful for fertility (hot tip: it might be time to toss your plastic containers and scented candles!)
  • What specifically to avoid when eating for pregnancy
  • And real, specific examples of what an optimal diet looks like whilst trying to conceive

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy for this episode!!



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Real Food for Pregnancy - a book I read when I fell pregnant that changed a lot of my views on how to eat before and during pregnancy.

D-Minder - app that tells you the ideal time for vitamin D exposure based on your location.

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