S01 E05: Is it Fish vs. Chicken?

Resilience in Action

25-10-2020 • 36分

Joining us from Mexico City, Daniel Martínez Valle reminds us that life is about choices. For him, what prevents leaders from being resilient is a lack of purpose. For companies, if there is not a reason behind why they do what they do - that goes beyond making profits - there is really no reason to exist. For Daniel, having a strong sense of purpose is critical to embark on transformations we all need. And this is true for individuals, organizations, companies, countries and our collective impact on the planet. From his perspective, purpose is a true north star that guides the choices of a company, both for capital and people allocation in addition to risk mitigation initiatives. He invites us to move past seeing our choices as trade offs and into a more integrative approach where we incorporate the perspective of both people, planet and profits. Explore his latest strategies here: https://bit.ly/31HG3ot

Learn more about Purpose in Action: http://bit.ly/unlockpurposeinaction