Jerome Segal & David Lashar: Alternative Voices Offering Alternative Choices

The Maryland Crabs Podcast

10-08-2022 • 50分

We've got three months to go before we vote for a new governor. And subsequent to the big-party primaries in July, most Marylanders are thinking that they face a stark choice limited to Democratic and Republican candidates who represent the very best or the very worst of the two parties, depending on how you look at it. But there ARE other voices out there. In this podcast, Tim sits with two of the more interesting voices out there, 1) Jerome Segal, who is founder of Bread & Roses Socialism, ran for Governor in the Democratic primary, and is now running for President against Joe Biden, and 2) David Lashar, the Libertarian Party candidate for Maryland Governor this fall. It was a good coversation between three people with different political views but a common passion for civil debate on both general philosophy and specific issues.