SECU and some financial advice for the Class of 2020

The Maryland Crabs Podcast

08-06-2020 • 30分

The Class of 2020 is ending their high school or college life in a weird time. The job market is questionable. The stock market is questionable. And we are in the midst of a pandemic. Without a doubt, it is a tough time; but also without a doubt, our young adults graduating this year will overcome this and thrive--we're counting on it. And today we have some help.

Sarah Ryan is the Head of Community Outreach for SECU (formerly known as the State Employee's Credit Union) and she has perhaps the greatest gift we can give our graduates--some financial thoughts to savings and the future.  We talk about the work SECU is doing in the community and for their members (it's pretty easy to be a member); but she gives some solid suggestions for gifts for today's graduates that will change their financial world!