Solidarity, with Suresh Grover, Shabna Begum & Karis Campion

Uncommon Sense

19-05-2023 • 59分

AUDIO CONTENT WARNING: description of extreme racist violence

In 1993, Black British teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a racist attack that sparked a long fight for justice and led the UK to ask questions of itself and its institutions. Three decades on – with The Runnymede Trust’s Shabna Begum, and Suresh Grover of The Monitoring Group – Karis Campion of the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre hosts this special episode to ask: who are we now? What happened to anti-racist solidarity and how can it progress?

Karis and guests reflect on the fragmentation of “political blackness”, “monitoring” as a radical act inspired by The Black Panther Party, and the importance of showing systemic racism while doing justice to individual lives. Plus: what does social media offer to anti-racism when the internet provides fertile ground for prejudice? And what are the costs of fighting for change in an unjust world?

With reference to the activist writer Ambalavaner Sivanandan, the feminist scholar Audre Lorde, the social geographer Ruth Wilson Gilmore, and more. A collaboration between the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre and The Sociological Review.

Guests: Suresh Grover, Shabna Begum
Host: Karis Campion
Executive Producer: Alice Bloch
Sound Engineer: David Crackles
Music: Joe Gardner
Artwork: Erin Aniker

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Episode Resources

From Karis, Shabna and Suresh

Further reading

  • “Abolition Geography” – Ruth Wilson Gilmore
  • “Another Day in the Death of America” – Gary Younge
  • “Here to Stay, Here to Fight” – Paul Field, et al. (eds)
  • “I Write What I Like” – Steve Biko
  • “Policing the Crisis” – Stuart Hall, et al.
  • “Race and Resistance” – Ambalavaner Sivanandan
  • “The Uses of Anger” – Audre Lorde

Online resources

Find out more about Quddus Ali and the cases of Michael Menson, Ricky Reel, Rolan Adams and Rohit Duggal, as well as the activist Claudia Jones.

And check out The Monitoring Group and The Runnymede Trust, as well as The Stephen Lawrence Centre Archive.