Applying Human Factors in Scuba Diving with Gareth Lock | S2E17

The Dive Table

03-10-2023 • 59分

Gareth Lock sits down with Jay to discuss all things, 'Human Factors.'

Gareth Lock is a retired senior officer in the RAF, having spent 25 years flying Hercules transport aircraft, involved in flight trials and R&D, and a Systems Engineer/Requirements Manager.

He left the RAF in 2015 setting up the Human Diver to bring human factors knowledge and practice from aviation, oil & gas, healthcare and academia into the sports, military, scientific and commercial diving domains. He has since taught more than 500 people face-to-face, 2000 people online, published a book, and produced a documentary, all about applying human factors, non-technical skills and a Just Culture to diving.

He provides HF advice to the British Diving Safety Group and co-chairs the Natural History Dive Safety group which advises on diving safety to the UK media sector. In terms of diving, he was trained primarily through GUE up to Tech 2, CCR 1, and was the head of QC for the organisation for a number of years.

Gareth Lock

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