Designing Scuba Training for Adults with Ben Bos | S2E18

The Dive Table

17-10-2023 • 1時間 17分

Jay sits down with the Training Director of United Team Diving (UTD) Ben Bos to discuss the designing of scuba training for adults and designing a scuba training curriculum that revolves around what divers really need and not what they think they need.  Ben has been a professional diver for 24 years and self-admittedly in a previous life was in marketing and sold everything from, "sofas, stereos, cars, copy machines, coffee and paper and everything in between...everything except houses and boats."

Ben was only 12 years old when he started diving and more than 30 years later, diving is a way of life.  He has worked all over the world as a scuba diver including running a dive center for over 12 years.  He is currently the Training Director for one of the world's most progressive Scuba Organizations, ‘United Team Diving, ‘(UTD).

Ben has not only made diving his passion, but also his living and has contributed to some of the industry's most groundbreaking innovations. The re-development and evolution of Ratio Deco into Ratio Deco 3.0 as well as the DIR compatible side mount configurations are but two examples.

Ben is happiest when he is exploring unknown places deep in a Chinese jungle, abandoned mines or inside old shipwrecks.  The thrill of teaching both novice and experienced divers is what drives him to never stop learning and expanding his own knowledge.

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