FEAR = Face Everything And Rise; re-defining the possible with Suganthi Shivkumar

Parents in Tech

09-01-2022 • 32分

Face Everything and Rise - Suganthi shares her philosophy on managing fear, stress and anxiety as a working mum in a male-dominated industry, and the life-changing story that sparked it. We dig into the ultimate purpose of striving towards career success: our kids.

Suganthi Shivkumar has two daughters, 20 and 24. When one encountered an unfortunate accident, she restructured her life and career to dedicate her time to what’s most important. Currently Vice President of Asia at Alteryx, she’s held senior leadership positions at companies like Qlik, JDA Software and Informatica. In addition to all of this, she is a coach, mentor and speaker.

Suganthi sheds light on commonly-held misconceptions about working mums, the feeling of extreme responsibility and accountability and wiring yourself for success to overcome limiting self-beliefs. We also talk about big picture planning and staying connected to the people who matter most.

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