Mental Health Mondays with McCurdy and Mingo - Caleb Dawkins of Chase Bank

Keeping up with McCurdy

11-04-2022 • 0秒

Join us for season 2 of Mental Health Mondays with McCurdy and Mingo. In this episode we discuss how finances impact our mental health. Commissioner William McCurdy and Dinisha Mingo speak with Caleb Dawkins, banker, financial advisor, and financial strategist with J.P. Morgan Private Bank. He, along with both our hosts, was selected as Vegas Inc’s Top 40 under 40. Caleb shares tips on budgeting, money management, leveraging credit, and more. We discuss the practical side of finances and how shifting our minds can create individual and generational wealth. Finances are a leading cause for stress, conflict, divorce, and mental health issues including suicide. We unpack the impact of finances and money on our mental health.