An Introduction to Bertha von Suttner's "Lay Down Your Arms !" (Die Waffen Nieder!")

Ethics-Talk: The Greatest Good of Man is Daily to Converse About Virtue

16-09-2021 • 1時間 40分

This show focuses Bertha von Suttner's (1843-1914) most famous and well known work, "Lay Down your Arms !". Originally published in the German language in 1889 with the title Die Waffen Nieder!, the first English translation appeared in 1892. Suttner would become the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize (in 1905). This show introduces Suttner's book, a fictional autobiography, of 19 chapters. In this show, with Dr. Hope Elizabeth May who founded The Bertha von Suttner Project in 2013 (, we discuss some of the features of the book, with a focus on the contents of the first 3 chapters.