The Duty to Remember: (Part 2) Evelyn Grubb's Appeal the United Nations on behalf of the Families of POW/MIA

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15-06-2021 • 59分

This show is the second installment of a discussion of Evelyn Grubb's petition to the United Nations. Last week, on June 7, 2021, we commemorated the 50th anniversary of Evelyn Grubb's petition to the United Nations on behalf of all the families of POW/MIA. A groundbreaking and prescient argument rooted in principles of humanitarian and human rights law, the "class action" petition appeals to two different instruments of public international law: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 3rd Geneva Convention. In Part One of this discussion (recorded on June 8, 2021), we focused on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this show, we continue this discussion on the systemic gender discrimination faced by the wives of POW/MIA. We also discuss how the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions are relevant to the argument in the petition.