Storytime with Nanz - Episode 16 - ‘My Wife doesn’t want kids’

Story Time with Nanz

29-10-2023 • 31分

Welcome to another week of StoryTime with Nanz! In this episode Nanz is joined by a Storytime favourite guest to answer your dilemmas. What would you do if you found out that your fiance doens’t want to have kids anymore ? How about finding out your friends went on holiday without you? Help us and go through so many more dilemmas in this week's episode . Make sure you also send in your dilemma to

My family take me for granted and abuse my kindness. The rely on me to take them out of debt and deal with all of the bills! I am sick and tired and don’t want to do it anymore! What should I do?

My boyfriend ruins every holiday we go on! He refuses to go on any excursions and even misses breakfast. He refuses to participate and just stays in the room on his PS5. What should I do?

I recently found out that my fiance doesn’t want to have any kids ! We’ve always spoken about having kids and she has now changed her mind. I don’t want to get married any more. Am I wrong for that?

My bestfriends planned a group holiday and didn’t invite me!!! I’m so upset, why wouldn’t they invite me? Should I speak to them about it ? Or am i the issue ?