TMKS #25 – My Songwriting Evolution

The Matt Kollock Show

04-04-2023 • 1時間 3分


It's episode 25 of The Matt Kollock Show!

A milestone episode, for sure. It took three years to get here. So, like, eight eps a year. Not bad! Not great, but also not bad!

I launched the show back in April of 2020. Took a break and brought it back in January of 2021. Took all of 2022 off! It was unclear whether the show would return or not. But here we are. Feels like a groove. I'm going to keep it going.

Five Years of Singer-Songwriting

Today I brought my guitar to the show for a very special edition of the podcast. I realized it's been about five years since I started taking my music career seriously again. Five years since I started writing songs with such a serious career in mind. I wanted to use this episode of the podcast to explore the evolution of my songwriting since 2018, and I think I did a pretty good job.

A lot has changed. Much has remained the same. I've grown. My songs are better. But my old songs are really good, too! I am confident. I have goals. There are challenges I want to face. Ideas and concepts to explore.

I spend today's introduction catching you up on all the stuff, including news regarding cannabis consumption, psychedelics, skiing, exercise, The Artist's Way and more.

And then I get into the songwriting talk. I think I got somewhere. I think I discovered some things. And revealed them.

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Thanks for listening! I'll be back with episode 26 in two weeks. Until then, shine on!