TMKS #20 – Everybody Needs To Ascend (feat. Annie Sanchez)

The Matt Kollock Show

13-05-2021 • 2時間 12分

It's episode 20 of The Matt Kollock Show podcast! Holy shit! We did it!

It's also microorganism Release Week here on Nice!

So on today's big-time, super-sized, extra-large, power-packed podcast, we discuss the album and its creation. Lots of fun stories and wild memories. Damn.

I also present my sweetie, Annie Sanchez, who contributed to the album in a major way. This is the first interview on The Matt Kollock Show since way back in episode four. Groovy!

The Oral History of microorganism

This episode and the next two will present the oral history of microorganism's making. Today is all about Annie, of course, but I also get into the first phase of making the album in a solo chat. I cover that exciting, unforgettable time period extending from the middle of March, 2020 to the end of July, 2020. Lots of stuff happened. Not necessarily with the album, but the album could not have been made without that stuff happening. I talk about it all.

In the following segment, Annie and I have a great conversation about her, us and what it was like to live in this house during the past 14 months. It has not always been easy.

And yet, here we are!

The Trilogy Continues

This trio of episodes continues, then concludes with episodes 21 and 22, which will arrive just as soon as I can put them out. In the next installment, I will cover the time period from the beginning of August 2020 to the end of the year. Spoiler alert: We got a kitty!!! The final installment, episode 22, will cover the final, magical push to get the album completed and into your ears.

These are very special episodes of the podcast. I'm so glad you're here to take them in.

Get That Album, Won't You?

Friends, I am so happy to be able to share this podcast with you. Thank you for being with me for 20 damn episodes. I am even more happy to be able to share microorganism with you. Soon!

In the meantime, you can pre order the album from Bandcamp for just $7. Nice! Or, you can pre save the album on Spotify so it's ready to go into your ears right away when it comes out on Friday. I will love you either way.

Remember, microorganism Release Week continues with two more sweet, sweet podcast episodes. Don't go anywhere!

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