UNDs3e2: 1-on-1 with Bakari Sellers, CNN Commentator & Lawyer

Undefined with Josina Anderson podcast

09-03-2023 • 37分

CNN political commentator, author, attorney Bakari Sellers joins host Josina Anderson discuss if we become more of a trial society post-pandemic, to navigating the workspace as a male nowadays amidst multiple high-profile men drawing controversial headlines in corporate spaces, to his thoughts on who will represent the main tickets in the 2024 Presidential Election, to if he'll run for President himself, to if there's more or less police brutality now since the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, to how new abortion laws impact the women in his family, to his relationship with Colts cornerback Stephon Gilmore and how Lamar Jackson should handle the perception of collusion in the NFL subsequent to his non-exclusive tag.