Mary Magdalene and Denim: A Conversation with Celebrity Stylist Payton Dale

The God And My Girlfriends Podcast

07-11-2023 • 58分

This week, Marcia introduces Stacey to our listeners, and then Marcia and Stacey have a conversation with Celebrity Stylist Payton Dale.

Some topics discussed: (TW: eating/body disorders)

— media manipulation

— learning to love your body

— the effects of purity culture/shame about our bodies

— Snapchat dysmorphia

— dressing after the pandemic

Payton Dale is a Nashville-based, body positive stylist with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. Her work has been featured in numerous TV specials, music videos, magazines and commercials. She has over 170,000 followers on TikTok, (@thepaytonproject) -her own show also called The Payton Project on bspoketv, and she helps style so many artists not only here in Nashville but all over the US.

In 2017, she published a book to help women overcome their body insecurities— Hang Up Your Hang Ups: A Radical Guide To Healing Yourself Through Personal Style.

Payton lives in Nashville with her husband Tobin, and her shih tzu children, Arrow and Bo Diddley Dale.

To book a styling session, contact Payton here:

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In this episode:

1:22 Introducing Stacey Wynn

15:22 Introducing Payton Dale

17:27 Conversation with Payton Dale begins

55:52 What's next week


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