Following Your Dreams w/Lisa Schmitz

The God And My Girlfriends Podcast

06-09-2021 • 57分

Welcome back to Season Two of The God and My Girlfriends Podcast, with host Marcia Ramirez.

This week,  Marcia talks with her friend,  entrepreneur and non-profit director Lisa Schmitz about how it's never too late to follow your dreams, how to discern the voice of God, and how important it is to create a life you love!

About Lisa:
Lisa Schmitz has a love for the arts. After leaving corporate America in 2018, she created a floral design consultancy "Where Pigs Fly and such", which is part of a nonprofit that Lisa and her husband John founded, the Mars Hill Arts Center. As co-founder, Lisa manages the arts center, which is focused on providing arts and community outreach programming for the neighborhood of Mars Hill.  Lisa has also been considered “the flag lady” in Speedway, making most of the race flag pennants you see on homes and businesses around town during the month of May. There was a lady many years ago who made them for residents. And after no longer being able to locate her, Lisa made her own, and began making them for people on her street. Now 7 years later, she has made hundreds! Lisa also runs the social media brand “For the Love of Speedway” which spotlights the good about the town and the race and she has turned it into a fun brand with things like dog collars, kitchen aprons, and all kinds of fun checkered items!

Lisa’s floral design was recently recognized and on exhibit as part of the Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Inaugural Art in Bloom exhibit. Lisa is also an experienced HR professional. She served companies like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Galyans, and finished her HR career as VP of Human Resources for a multi-million-dollar organization. She also continues to consult, serving as HR consultant to the town of Speedway.

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