Get *EATfluenced - Un-diet Your Life w/Dr. Maggie Landes

The God And My Girlfriends Podcast

11-10-2021 • 54分

Almost every woman has been influence by “diet culture”.  It’s a billion dollar business that has convinced us all that we have to be thin to be healthy, happy, popular, or beautiful. Today we talk about that big lie and how we can learn to trust our bodies and follow a more “intuitive eating” approach on our journey to real “health at every size.”

Join Marcia and Dr. Maggie Landes as they spotlight how dangerous the diet culture is and how we can finally break the cycle of yo-yo diets that we have all been on, once and for all.

About our guest;

Maggie Landes is a board-certified physician, public health nutritionist, and anti-diet wellness expert. She created her signature getEATfluenced® coaching program to help women who are exasperated with chronic dieting, be able to fix their food overwhelm and live a full and unrestricted life pursuing their personal passions and attain optimal health without the distraction of rigid eating behavior.  She is also the creator and host of “The Eatfluencer Podcast” where she and her guests dig into the mindset work required to construct a healthy, complete, and high-quality life unlimited by the oppression of diet culture.

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