Interview with Keihin Bouchard and Zeke Horton of Livingood’s Restaurant & Brewery

All Beer Inside

24-06-2023 • 38分

From Ep 175 People in New York State might have noticed Livingood's beers on store shelves and on tap at restaurants in the past year. Although their distribution has expanded only recently, they've been around the craft beer scene for over a decade. In this interview, head brewer Keihin talks about the changes he's brought to the recipes since taking over the brewhouse earlier this year and his assistant brewer Zeke talks about his passion for food. All Beer Inside is a podcast by and for craft beer lovers. We travel near and far to sample the best brews and meet fellow aficionados. Drink craft, not crap! Please like, share, comment, subscribe and hit that notification bell! Livingood's Restaurant & Brewery697 Bear Swamp Rd, Peru, New YorkWebsite, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube All Beer Inside:Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Untappd: @allbeerinside The video portion of this interview can be found here Search for All Beer Inside in all your favorite apps. #craftbeer #craftbeerlove #drinkcraftbeer #brewery #interview #livingoods