Episode Twenty Six | Part Two: Anthony J. Tata

Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth

06-12-2023 • 23分

In the episode's riveting second half, General Tata dives deeper into his expert geopolitical and military threat assessment, analyzing rising dangers from adversarial nations and terrorist groups. He spotlights his #1 leadership lesson learned over his decorated three-decade army career—one applicable to both the battlefield and the boardroom. General Tata also lets listeners in on the secret sauce behind his bestselling action thriller novels that have propelled him to the top of the genre. However, Tata expresses concern that the recent Hamas attack on Israel could inspire domestic attacks within the US as well. With insider military experience combating extremist groups abroad, he assesses the ideological threats incubating inside America today. Tune in to hear General Tata's unique blend of leadership wisdom, geostrategic analysis, and fiction writing secrets, as well as his assessment of threats both foreign and domestic. The second half of this week's episode of Sustainable Leadership & Disruptive Growth is one listeners dare not miss.