# 84 Learning to Validate Yourself

The Spiritual Warrior Coach Podcast

06-11-2023 • 3分

Thank you for listening today to the spiritual warrior coach podcast affirmation series.  I am Barbara Savin your host. Today I will be offering you affirmations on Learning to Validate Yourself

Self-validation is an essential skill. Ultimately, as you move through your life and the world around you, you will hear many different voices. All these voices will have their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions to share. With so much information floating around, it can be difficult to separate how you feel and what you think among all the chaos.

When you can validate yourself, you can identify and center yourself in the world around you. If you struggle to feel self-validation, please recite the following affirmations by putting your hands on your heart and saying silently or out loud with emotion and belief.

My validation comes from within.

I do not need others to validate me to achieve my dreams.

My hopes and dreams are valid.

I work towards my goals each and every day.

I can become anything I desire to become.

The opinions of others have no effect on my opinions.

I observe and correctly identify my feelings and thoughts.

I validate my own emotions.

I accept emotions as they arise and work through them.

I am proud of myself.

Life is hard, but I’ve got this.

It is okay for me to feel sad or lost.

I set boundaries for myself and my needs based on my internal experiences.

All of my feelings are normal.

I accurately reflect and acknowledge my internal state.

My self-worth is not based on how others feel about me.

I trust myself completely.

I am unique. My unique experiences make me special.

I am free to be me and so I shall be.

Thank you for listening to the spiritual warrior coach affirmation series and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, love Barbara

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