Disability & Intimacy

The Pulse

24-02-2024 • 24分

Joeita speaks to Carli Friedman of the University of Washington about disability and intimacy.


  • The Value of Intimate Relationships - Opening Remarks (00:00)
  • Introducing Carli Friedman, Director of research for the Council on Quality and Leadership (01:09)
  • Studying Disability & Intimacy (02:17)
  • Defining Intimacy (03:26)
  • Benefits of Having Intimate Relationships (04:01)
  • Barriers to Close Relationships (05:30)
  • Impact of Housing Situation (06:11)
  • Access to Privacy (07:39)
  • Stigma Around Inter-Abled Relationships (08:40)
  • Understanding Access-Needs (10:29)
  • Common Experiences Versus Shared Interests (11:35)
  • Social Media and Intimate Relationships (13:10)
  • Attitudinal & Other Barriers (15:06)
  • Facilitators & Gatekeepers (16:03)
  • How to Form Intimate Relationships (18:56)
  • Kinship, Belonging & Well-Being (20:15)
  • Independence Versus Interdependence (21:06)
  • Show Close (23:11)

Guest Bio:

Carli Friedman is the Director of Research for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. CQL is an international not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to the definition, measurement, and improvement of personal quality of life, through a world of dignity, opportunity, and community for all people with disabilities. Carli’s research at CQL works to promote meaningful community participation and empowerment of people with disabilities by exploring the impact policy, service systems, and providers can have on quality enhancement and quality of life. Carli, who has a Doctorate in Disability Studies, is the author of over 230 journal articles, book chapters, research briefs, and reports, focusing on ableism, community integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Medicaid, and social determinants of health.

Article: AAIDD Honors CQL’s Carli Friedman, PhD, With The 2022 Research Award

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