Disability & Emergency Preparedness

The Pulse

10-02-2024 • 28分

Joeita discusses emergency preparedness for people with disabilities with Kaitlynne Lowe, Policy Researcher at MacEachen Institute for Public Policy at Dalhousie University.

From Emergency Supply Kits and Vulnerable Person’s Registries to accessibility barriers in transportation and housing, people with disabilities are often especially vulnerable during a crisis, disaster, or emergency.


  • “Vulnerable in an Emergency Situation” - Opening Clip (00:00)
  • Disability & Emergency Preparedness - Opening Remarks (00:34)
  • Introducing Kaitlynne Lowe (01:47)
  • Public Safety for People with Disabilities (02:15)
  • Emergency Response Capacity Across Canada (03:17)
  • How are People with Disabilities Vulnerable During a Crisis? (05:41)
  • Effective Communication During an Emergency (07:36)
  • Accounting for Local Nuance in Emergency Planning (09:46)
  • Accessibility Barriers in Transportation & Housing (12:30)
  • Vulnerable Person’s Registry (16:23)
  • Emergency Supply Kits (19:25)
  • Rethinking What Constitutes an “Emergency” (22:49)
  • The State of Emergency Preparedness for Canadians with Disabilities (24:57)
  • Show Close (27:27)

Guest Bio:

Kaitlynne Lowe is a Policy Researcher at the MacEachen Institute for Public Policy at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Kaitlynne is a Dalhousie MPA graduate, hopeful life-changer, book lover, theatre-goer, adventurer, and cat mom.

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