#16 Egypt 🇪🇬 - It's not only the place to enjoy pyramid!!!!!

You can show me the world

05-11-2022 • 32分

Today we invite the guest Aya san who is living in Egypt🥳 She is studying Japanese with marugakuen!!

◉ Her favorite place is “Dahab”, it means gold⚱️ in English

◉ The best Egyptian restaurant in Japan is “ネフェルティティ東京

◉ You don’t drink alcohol instead people drink lots of coffee☕️

◉ In Egypt they start to study English in kindergarten

◉ In Arabic they have exact words to tell exact emotion, if you want to express it in English you need to be in sentence

Let's discover about the Egypt!! This is the part 2 episode of Egypt.


About our programme "You can show me the world"

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