#26 - If your Japanese friend said "You have small face", it's a good thing!!

You can show me the world

28-01-2023 • 19分

We got question from Instagram follower that " Tell me about the way of Japanese compliment".

Okay, today I talked about how Japanese people tell you if you think you are attractive!!

Check out our programme :))


marugakuen is going to hold house party to show the real Japanese party!! I'll be there as well👍


Do you want to make international friends and have a good time? :)

Join us 2/3 18:30 - 22:30 for Japanese House Party style event @ Shinjuku.

We'll have good JPOP / Anime / World music and make good foods together.

We have 3 kinds of invitations

🍵1) Japanese people who's interested in international cultures

🍣2) International friends living in Japan

🌎3) International friends traveling in Japan

So in order to mix them well, plz send us this form by 1/29,

so we'll send confirmed invitations by 1/30.

⏱Time 2/3 (Fri.) 18:30-22:30

🏠Place: Shinjuku area (we'll send invitation)

💰Entrance: 3000 JPY (Cash or Paypay)

◉Apply from here  : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPC1ZmqiU2k7iF50qggr8pvS2HFB4Ak1GNNnvxGS60JBgktA/viewform

Let's enjoy!!


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