#25 - How important for Japanese people to hold house party ?

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21-01-2023 • 18分

We got question from Instagram follower that " How important for Japanese people to hold house party ?".

Answer is yes, we think as a very important thing and only invite good friends to their house.

But do you know the reason why? Please check this progrrame!

Also marugakuen is going to hold house party to show the real Japanese party!! I'll be there as well👍


Do you want to make international friends and have a good time? :)

Join us 2/3 18:30 - 22:30 for Japanese House Party style event @ Shinjuku.

We'll have good JPOP / Anime / World music and make good foods together.

We have 3 kinds of invitations

🍵1) Japanese people who's interested in international cultures

🍣2) International friends living in Japan

🌎3) International friends traveling in Japan

So in order to mix them well, plz send us this form by 1/29,

so we'll send confirmed invitations by 1/30.

⏱Time 2/3 (Fri.) 18:30-22:30

🏠Place: Shinjuku area (we'll send invitation)

💰Entrance: 3000 JPY (Cash or Paypay)

◉Apply from here  : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPC1ZmqiU2k7iF50qggr8pvS2HFB4Ak1GNNnvxGS60JBgktA/viewform

Let's enjoy!!


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