Unlocking the Power of STEM: A Conversation ft. Jerome McQueen

The Harvest

01-11-2023 • 45分

Dive into an episode of The Harvest Podcast that's filled with inspiration, resilience, and the power of education. Join us as we delve into the inspirational journey of Jerome McQueen, a man who fought against stage 4 colon cancer with unwavering strength and determination. In this empowering episode, you'll hear about Jerome's passion for encouraging underrepresented populations to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). You'll discover how his journey from a small town to NASA, and facing the trials of cancer, shaped him into a beacon of hope for many. This episode is not just about Mr. McQueen's fight with cancer, but about the power of mentorship, the importance of early exposure to STEM education, and the strength of the human spirit. You'll gain insights into the world of STEM and how education can open doors to opportunities that can change lives. Don't miss this chance to be inspired by Mr. McQueen story and his mission to inspire young people to achieve their dreams. Engage with us, share your thoughts, and become part of the conversation. Subscribe to The Harvest Podcast for more inspiring conversations and empowering insights.