Dance Through Life: Your Guide to Purposeful Creativity ft. Candace Haynes

The Harvest

06-12-2023 • 52分

In this empowering episode of The Harvest, we unwrap the layers of purposeful creativity and how it shapes our lives. Join us for a profound journey as Candace shares her insights on choreographing life with intention, resilience, and the art of embracing every 'no' as an elevation point.

As a dancer, creator, and innovator, Candace opens up about the significance of self-expression and the spiritual connection she finds in dance. This inspiring conversation takes us through the peaks and valleys of a creative career, highlighting how each disappointment carves us into the individuals we're meant to become.

Don't miss this opportunity to be uplifted by Candace's story of turning obstacles into stepping stones and her philosophy on putting oneself first. Tune in now to The Harvest for an episode that's sure to stir your soul and spark your own creative flame.