Dipping Our Big Toe into the Realm of Psychedelics

All Things Psychological

26-01-2023 • 25分

Welcome back to ATP, Episode 4. Tonight we are getting real comfy with the topic of psychedelics. Specifically, my beloved friend, shrooms/mushrooms/psilocybin, however you have come to know them. We take a peak into my past as I recount tales from the crypt, discuss how I utilize psychedelics in my personal life now and in my own healing journey, and how I see it functioning within the world of therapy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of more episodes to come - I'm thinking a series within a series? Hm.

Either way there's some important disclaimers in the intro so bear with me! Moving forward, please feel free to reach me with any critiques, feedback, comments, or requests via the podcast email: allthingspsychologicalpodcast@gmail.com

Name of the book stated in the episode: Psychedelics and Psychotherapy by Tim Read NOT Gabor Mate, my apologies*

See y'all next episode!