ATP - 2021's Significance As The Year of Loss

All Things Psychological

28-01-2022 • 25分

Well hello there - welcome to the very first episode of the All Things Psychological podcast! This one's a bit of a somber one so buckle up. As I reflected on 2021 and the shit show that it was, I was confronted with the reality of how much loss I endured in my life that year amidst a pandemic. Honestly, I'm sure we all experienced loss or grief in one form or the other. What seems to permeate through the optimistic cloud of 2022 (for me at least) is that there has been little acknowledgement of the impact of that loss on our sense of self. So, join me for today's episode as we reflect on the impact of loss on our emotions and the natural desire to dissociate from pain as a way to survive.