Bonus: People Like Us—The Creative Process.

People Like Us

14-11-2022 • 20分

A conversation with violinist Haig Papazian and designer Jamal Saleh.

In this bonus episode, host Kim Ghattas takes you behind the scenes of the creative process of the music and the logo of the show, the identity and diversity within both. From the onset, Project Brazen and Kim wanted to showcase local talent from the Middle East. Haig Papazian created the original music of this podcast. He’s the violinist of the iconic indie rock band from Lebanon, Mashrou Leila, whose concerts electrified the region’s youth for years with its song about LGBTQ rights, political protests and freedom. Haig, a multi disciplinary artist with a background in architecture, is performing solo shows from NYC to LA. Jamal Saleh designed the logo and identity for People like Us. A graduate of the American University of Beirut, she’s the creative director and co-founder of one Megaphone, of the most successful online news platforms in Lebanon, and has created and contributed to a number of logo designs and campaigns.

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