Episode 30 - Toota Phoota Dil Ye Hamara

Mukhtasar Si Baat with Shailja

08-08-2022 • 24分

This episode is a humble reminder that we all are broken in some ways.

Being broken (flawed, vulnerable, imperfect) is in the core of the human condition. Yet, we spend most of our wakeful hours hiding our brokeness – be it our professional or social interactions, hamari koshish yahi rahti hai ki hum competent, perfect, samajhdaar dikhen. Our obsession with productivity, perfection, power, prestige, paisa, permanence, allows little room for our brokenness to be embraced. Here, Alain DeBotton's brilliant manifesto of 8 reminders of our brokenness offers a great resource. Also the ancient Japanese concept of wabi-sabi comes to rescue. Also featuring 'Kabhi kisi ko mukkammal jahan nahin milta' and 'Jab dard nahin tha seene me'.

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Read the complete manifesto here: https://brightvibes.com/2029/en/the-eight-key-rules-of-living-by-alain-de-botton-that-the-world-needs-right-now