Episode 35: Hum apne ansuon me chand taron ko dubo denge

Mukhtasar Si Baat with Shailja

08-11-2022 • 30分

If you are condemned, or privileged, to feel this world and everything in it intensely, then this episode is tailor made for you as it makes a case for melancholy and for all types of Soz-e-dil. Danish philosopher/ poet Kierkegaard said that he felt bliss in melancholy and sadness. Melancholy is beautiful, it could be the only secret gateway to a fuller life, and indeed the only way to become music, a poem, dance, art and literature. Do you do melancholy?

Featuring the poignant Jo humne daastan apni sunayi, ankhiyon ko rahne de, dil se re and gham ka khazana...

Dil se cover by Pineapple Express: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Zava5GlDsQ

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