35. Why People Ghost

The Ghost Podcast

20-11-2022 • 49分

Mike Thomas calls himself an every day consciousness coach. He is the founder of Holistic Fitness Lifestyle and an educator on Relationflix. In this episode we explore how childhood trauma and attachment styles affects your behavior as an adult, and why this leads to ghosting.

In this episode: How nervous system regulation can change behaviors • Attachment styles • Why we need to address our trauma • Why avoidants ghost more • Avoidant culture • How to develop self-awareness • Never date a project • Why willingness to do the work is so important • Is there hope for avoidants? • How to heal from being ghosted • The biggest red flag in a relationship

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Media referenced in this episode
Gabor Maté's Unwise Film: Wisdom of Trauma
Book: We Do by Stan Tatkin
Dan Siegal Name it to Tame it
Attachment Styles Quiz

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