Cashless Society


30-06-2023 • 38分

From barter to cash to checks to online banking, money is an evolving technology that has been part of human history for thousands of years. While cash is expected to remain a significant payment instrument in the near future, factors such as “contactless” pay systems, increasing mobile penetration, and high costs of cash like ATM fees for individuals, cash storage for businesses, currency printing for governments, among others are prompting society to reconsider its ubiquity. Some experts support less-cash operations, arguing that high denomination notes should be phased out as smaller bills slowly fall towards disuse.

We can categorically say that we are likely approaching a less-cash future, not a completely cashless future. And, while progress has been made in this transition, it has hardly been universal or uniform. A migration to a cashless economy includes considerations ranging from the purely financial to those social in nature. Consequently, a country’s specific technological, financial, and social situations will inform its specific benefits, drawbacks, and approach to such a transition.

In view of these, we've invited once again, Kannan Swaminathan, Chief Executive at WhiteBridge Consulting LLC to discuss the value proposition of Cashless initiatives in our digital economy.

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