Digital Financial Ecosystems


01-12-2023 • 1時間 3分

The next few years could be a make-or-break period for some banks and financial institutions. They will join the digital financial ecosystem movement—or be consumed by it. These platform-based ecosystems offer products and services that are created and distributed in partnership with others. And they confer powerful advantages, allowing organizations to enter new markets, create new services, and acquire new customers faster and more affordably than with traditional product development and go-to-market models. By 2030, digital ecosystems could account for a significant share of the banking revenue pool according to the research study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group recently. The Digital Ecosystems are the undeniable next step in digital disruption for the financial services sector. The hyper-connectivity that digital tools and channels enable has blurred traditional boundaries between brick-and-mortar and web environments and between the four walls of an enterprise and the wider value chain. In view of these, we've invited Mr. Arvie de Vera, Co-Founder and Board Trustee of the Fintech Philippines Association and former Chief Executive Officer of UnionDigital Bank as he walks us through the recent developments of the FinTech community in the Philippines as well as its significant relevance to our digital economy. FinTech Philippines Association: --- Send in a voice message: