Real Estate Blockchain


24-10-2023 • 34分

Blockchain technology has impacted the real estate industry in a variety of ways, including offering a new means for buyers and sellers to connect with one another. Moreover, Blockchain could be used to cut intermediaries out of the real estate transaction process, thereby reducing costs. This technology could also help to codify the practice of fractional ownership of real estate.

Global real estate is worth hundreds of trillion of dollars, but is dominated by the wealthy and large corporations. Through blockchain technology, it is possible that more people will be able to access the market where transactions can be made more transparent, secure and equitable. Real estate transactions may eventually become truly peer to peer activities with blockchain powered platforms doing most of the work.

In view of these, we've invited Joshua Kagan, CEO and Co-Founder of BONFIRE, a very promising US FinTech company based in Denver, Colorado as he explains to us the value proposition of Blockchain technology in a real estate industry as well as its significant relevance to our digital economy.

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