Crypto Exchange


09-02-2024 • 57分

Most traditional investment brokers do not yet offer exposure to crypto for trading purposes unlike equities or bonds. Therefore, cryptocurrency exchanges were developed as a simple way for investors to buy digital assets. Even though the majority of these exchanges have similar offerings, such as spot markets to tokens like bitcoin and Ether (Ethereum) for instance, there is a wide variety based on the amount of tokens offered, together with other available services and security. Moreover, while some utilize traditional centralized corporate structures, others embrace the industry’s decentralized ethos by avoiding the appearance of having any specific people being in charge. In view of these, we’ve invited Mr. Lukasz Zeligowski, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of KANGA Exchange, a very impressive crypto exchange based from Gdansk, Poland as he shares with us his insightful views on the value proposition of a cryptocurrency exchange and its significant relevance to our digital economy. Corporate Web SIte: LinkedIn: Lukasz Zeligowski --- Send in a voice message: